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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Faith, anxiety, depression

    I've been dealing with postpartum depression, anxiety and hormone imbalance. Need prayers to strengthen my faith in Christ, as He is my only healer and deliverer. Please also pray for complete deliverance from the depression and anxiety and for God to give me His peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you.
  • Anxiety and stress

    Anxiety over rental house neighbors who party, remodel that is taking over a year and a half, taking care of my elderly mother. It all falls to me and I’m overwhelmed. I pray to God for help and nothing is better yet. Still anxious.
  • Need re-assurance about some stuff that I am worried about

    I need re-assurance from God about some things I am worried about. I can't quit obsessing and I don't know what to do.
  • Grandson

    Please pray for my 9 year old grandson as he is very worried about school.

    Thank you
  • I need God's help

    I am just not doing good. I feel emotionally distraught about some stuff and feel scared. I pray God meets me where I am at and I pray for his help and guidance.
  • want to get over my depression and anxiety.. and to trust in Jesus even more.

    Like many people i have been suffering from depression and anxiety and panic attack. And yes the lord has helped me so far to get up back on my feet. tomorrow i am going for an interview. I Just don't want to freeze or work with people who have bad motives or unfriendly, I want to work with people who like and appreciate me the way i am. I want to be myself and not feel intimidated. I want to trust in God and his plans more. I know the world has bigger problems but i tend to feel alone with my suffering. Prayers are powerful. If you could keep me in your prayers, I would be grateful.
    Thank you and God bless.
  • Healing

    Please pray for my sister. She is only 34 and has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It does not run in our family at all. Pray that God will heal her and replace every cancerous cell with good one. So the Lord will send right physicians and medical treatments. And for strength and courage to accept what God has in for her.
  • healing

    Please pray for Ed Clark. He had a stroke, and is not doing so well. Please pray for my sister Rose as well. She does not drive, and with Ed in the hospital, she is stuck at home. They are a very poor family. They have kids that live with them. Please send out well wishes for healing and strength. That God would make a way for them. Thank you
  • Spiritual warfare

    I’ve been dealing with hearing demons and being physically and mentally attacked I’ve ended up in psychiatric units this has been a period of like 5-6 years I pray everyday and ask for help. I’am a believer and have been for those past years. I read scripture every day and I try to show my love and appreciation to our Lord Jesus Christ. But I feel stuck...please start a train of prayer for me. Thank you
  • Trial

    I am seeking a ring of prayer around my son and our family as we face and walk through the trial of our lives. Thank you.