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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Sister needs prayers & hope

    Rachel needs help and peace, my husband & I help my Mom financially each month, who helped my sister alot financially after alot of sinful and unwise choices
  • Anxiety

    Please pray for my husband & I to have direction. He is such a planner and has been wanting to make some changes. I need peace that the Lord will give him wisdom
  • In need!

    Just before the Holiday's hit, I was informed that my position at my job was being eliminated due to a restructure of the company. So now after being dedicated to this place of employment for over 12 years, I will be without a job next week. I have been applying everywhere! My fiancé has also been laid off due to the winter and construction slowing down. Please send prayers our way! I know God has a plan for us I know everything will get better, but I am scared I'm going fall behind on our bills, I'm worried about not being able to provide for our children. Lord please see us through this season!
  • anxiety

    I am having a lot of anxiety, having a hard time calming down. I feel like God hates me.
  • Asking For Prayer

    I don't know what to do. I had Throat Cancer and a Tumor behind my nose. The doctor says the Cancer is gone and I am not sure that the Tumor is gone. He told me the Tumor is getting smaller or it is scare tissue,,I don't know which. But I am in pain all the time from my throat. Doctor says its from the radiation treatments and it will take 3 to 6 months to heal. Its been about 3 to 4 months. I pray 2, 3 times a day asking for help. My Pastor tells me its God's will on weather God helps me or not. I am tired of hurting and don't know what to do. Please Help Me Pray For Answer's Or Healing.

    Thank You For Your Prayers,,
    Guy Wilks
  • Prayer Request

    Please Pray...I'm 46 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name
  • Husband's ministry

    Praying I can whole-heartedly be on board with some ministry desires he has, as it would change our lives. I was a part of this organization many years ago. We are grandparents now and I would desire that my husband seek advice. Prayers the Lord provides wise counsel, even though he doesn't ask for counsel
  • Frustrated

    Constant stress for decades and just so many problems this week and I feel like I am in quicksand. Please send a prayer. I am so traumatized I can't seem to form many words to pray anymore.
  • My mother has cancer

    My mother had colon and liver cancer and had an operation to remove the cancer. we were very optimistic since it was a very slow growing type.She developed an infection which the doctors gave her antibiotics , which had the unintended side effect of killing all the good bacteria in her intestines.So that was a week ago. She was getting better as of yesterday until this morning.She now has her kidneys shutting down.She keeps saying she wants to go home.we do not know if she means in the physical world or to heaven,but i feel she isn't saved.So i am asking prayers for healing or for her to come to Jesus and be saved. Thank you
  • Would like prayer for more faith

    Just feel like I am going through a lot, it is probably my fault. I just need prayer that God helps me with faith.