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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Requesting Prayer

    I have stage 3 Cancer of the Throat and a Tumor behind my nose. I am fighting dry mouth ,, sore throat ,, nausea which is not helping me to eat or drink. The foods and drinks have no flavor to them and every time I go to eat or drink I want to throw up. I am loosing weight and they want to put a tube in my belly. Help Lord ,,,Help Take This Nausea away and Help Me Thru The Cancer Lord.

    Thank You For Your Prayers
    Guy Wilks
  • prayer

    I am going to turn in an application tomorrow for a job, and I hope the interview goes well.. I need the job.. Also, the hardest thing for me being a Christian is to accept what Jesus said, when he said, do good to those who do evil to you.. I am not saying that I don't agree that is the right thing to do.. That is just the hardest thing for me to obey.. When somebody hurts me, it is my natural reaction to want to hurt them back.. And I fight this all the time.. And I see other Christians struggling with the same thing.. I know it is pride.. I have come to the point I want to completely obey Jesus.. I have found out half of the battle is with myself.. I just pray that I would obey Jesus.. Not only because I have to.. But because I want to.. Thanks folks for the prayer support.. Take care