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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healthy baby (nervous mom)

    Please pray for God to be blessing our unborn baby. I go in on the 5th of December to see if our baby is growing. I have had 3 miscarriages within the last year and a half. I am hoping for yet another miracle of "baby is doing great" but am very nervous and scared of what could be. Please pray for my little one and also myself that God will give both of us strength and hope.
    Thank you God Bless
  • Urgent Prayer request - new job, balloon decor biz, call center business funding

    Please pray that I will have a new leadership level job asap either homebased or near our home; that my wife will have a lot of legitimate customers asap for her balloon decor business to pay for rental, utilities; that my financier prospect will immediately and finally decide to fund my call center business project; These we lift up in prayer in Jesus Christ of Nazareth's mighty name Amen.
  • Pray for parents to forgive each other and resolve conflict.

    Please pray for my parents to have serving hearts towards one another and be able to forgive each other. Also that they may not be bitter towards one another. Please lord bring them back together and make them stronger than ever.
  • God Save Eric

    Please pray for Eric. Please pray for his salvation.
    Eric needs Jesus. Pray that Eric will come to know Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord.
    Pray Eric will come to know God’s love and the joy of salvation.
  • Lost, Empty and Overwhelmed

    Very sad and overwhelmed, feel very empty! Very disconnected! Have not seen my grandchildren since July, hurt a very good friend! Very very angry at times just kind of empty all the time! Feeling a huge sense of loss in the last 3 years! And compounding. Prayers are Appreciated
  • financial

    First, I want to wish everybody the best for the holiday season.. May God be with and help everybody.. I have been looking for a job for months.. I am getting hit left and right with bills and extra expenses.. There is a chance I might have found a job.. They said to check back next week.. I ask that everybody pray I get that job.. And that I would not be nervous.. I have social anxiety disorder.. And things like this are hard for me.. God bless everyone.. Thank you
  • Health

    My health took a bad turn after a couple no-fault accidents and I am really struggling years later. From the stress of my injuries, the GERD has become unbearable. I really need full healing. Right now my stomach hurts constantly and everything I eat makes my stomach pain excruciating. It is hard to stay comfortable. I tried stomach pills for it for years but the side effects damaged me in other ways. I am now trying ginger and things like that. I am hoping God will heal me. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you.
  • Just sad and confused

    I am very angry about ome things I feel like I am going through....I might not even be seeing this right....I have been asking for Gods help and maybe he is talking to me but I am probably wallowing in self pity too much to hear him right...it feels like discipline.(8 deal with depression too, it makes everything feel worse)...I don't understand and I am probably making my psyche a lot worse the way I am dealing with this....I don't know what to do...I need prayer please...
  • Healing

    Thank you for prayers for Lee. He has cancer and has been hospitalized x 2 weeks with infection and kidney failure. Kidneys are slowly starting to function and infection improved. Praise God! Now to start the chemo and radiation. He has not been able to eat for 4 weeks, lost 35#. Healing prayers would be appreciated.
  • Please pray for me

    Please pray that my constant headaches go away.