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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • financial

    I am sorry for sounding like a broken record. I still have not found a job. I need the money very badly. It is like God is not listening to me. But I know he hears me. I am a month behind on my power bill. I have an alternate income. But it is not enough. I am struggling to make it from month to month. If somebody could please pray that I would find a job soon, the right job, it would be greatly appreciated. I believe in prayer. Thank you. And know that I am praying for everybody here too.
  • My car

    Please pray for us to recover my daughters car it was stolen 2 days ago. And to recover it in the same condition it left.
  • Asking For Prayer

    I am asking for God's Guidance. I am considering moving back to my home town ( Spokane,Wa ) . I moved down to Kelso,Wa to be with my daughters and grand kids. I get told they have a life outside of me. I also feel like I am trying to fit into a family. There mom and step dad raised them. Sometimes I feel like I just don't belong down here. I am asking God to help me make a choice. Stay here in Kelso or move back to Spokane. Please Help Me Pray For Guidance . Thank You For Your Prayers.

    Guy W.
  • Husbands Choices to Hurt Me

    My husband makes choices to purposefully hurt me, without directly physically abusing me - because the first is acceptable in his mind. He is making a choice to disregard something to do with our house/property blatantly in front of him he could easily remove/fix so it will not harm my health in extreme ways in the future. But he is also creating a situation with people that will "never allow" us to fix it in the future, saying he does not care if it hurts my health and/or to the level safe housing would be virtually impossible for me to ever find again.

    I am praying for God to cast out my doubt and increase my faith/hope that He will and can protect me from this health haphazard as well as my husband, and today/very soon my husband will be broken enough to come to Christ so that he can walk with me instead of against me as his enemy his is trying so hard to take out.
  • God's strength

    I'm dealing with a particularly challenging situation in my life and could use your prayers. Thanks
  • Prayer for confusion/emotional pain

    I deal with a lot of mental health issues and have been trying to get better. Something has happened that is really stressing me out and I need more affirmation/comfort from God. I have been talking to a counselor, but what he is advising me doesn't seem to help.
  • Salvation

    Please pray for my brothers salvation, my parents are planning to try & lead him to the Lord tonight. Thank you!
  • Healing/Deliverance

    I would like to be freed/healed from a quarter century bondage to addiction, & infirmity (my entire adult life). Please pray for all God has in store for me, & that I might see myself the way He sees me. Thank you so much for your faithfulness, & Lord bless you! :-)
  • Struggling

    Been a rough life. Struggling to pray anymore because it doesn't seem that God listens to me or answers prayers. I don't feel God has ever cared for me. I don't feel close to him though I try.
  • Prayer Request

    Please Pray...I'm 46 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name