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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Daughter’s Pregnancy

    Please pray for God’s peace for my daughter and her husband and their baby. The ultrasound says the baby is measuring two weeks small, but the outside measurement says the right size. She’s 24 weeks.

    Please pray that they be enveloped in God’s peace as they “only believe, and she (both my daughter and her baby girl) will be made well.” Thank you. God is good.
  • Prayer needs

    I am needing complete healing... Also for the Lord to bless me, my loved ones and family members with grace, favor, protection and mercy forever in Jesus name.
  • Hope

    I ask for mercy and help through our Lord Jesus Christ I’m dealing with demonic oppression everyday I just wanted to be done already, hope is there
  • Need Prayers Please

    Since I lost my husband, I've been lost, stuck, I just can't seem to move forward. My health is declining. I'm alone, no family, no friends, and in a new state. I'm now a recluse. I can't keep going on this way. Please pray our Lord Jesus, Father God lift me, heal me - mind, body and soul. Pray he gifts me with a small circle of friendships. Please ask the our Lord to take me in his loving arms and clear my path, choose for me his desire for me. I am thinking my prayers aren't enough. Thank you. Bless all of you who will take the time to include me in your thoughts and prayers. I greatly appreciate you.
  • prayer

    Prayer request : Sorry, please pray for that not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.
  • Daughters

    Please pray for J and R. I suspected they were molested and got help for them at an early age.(we also left my husband) But it could never be proven, and I prayed they would never remember or be hurt by it. This weekend J (now a teen) opened up and shared details with me I didn’t know. Things I didn’t suspect. She is hurting so much. She saw her psychiatrist yesterday. Please pray for both girls healing. I want to be as available for them both as possible, but J also wants to protect me from her hurt. Please pray she can share everything she needs to with her Psychiatrist and get all the help she needs. And please pray I find the right employment for next school year to be with them as much as they need. Heartbroken.
  • demons

    I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you Erick. I am facing many of the things you are facing. The bible talks about demons. I know they are real. I also struggle with mental illness. I tried to tell my councilor about the demons. He wanted to medicate it away. And I have nobody to talk to about it. My family needs saved too. And I can't talk to them about demons, cause they either don't believe, or are afraid to talk about it. I think the demons cause mental illness too. I think it is a way to try to discredit our belief in God. I will keep praying for you. Pray for me. I remember when God cast out the demons. He cast them to the earth. And there are probably millions of them. Most people are oblivious. Not Christians. We all fight battles with them.
  • financial

    First, I want to say, I pray on a daily basis for everybody in the room.. I hope that God helps each one of you.. It seems like the devil is attacking peoples financial security.. I recently moved, and I got hit with my last electrical bill today.. It was $238 dollars.. There goes the money to fix the car.. I just don't understand.. It seems like the harder I pray.. The worse things get.. I am seriously thinking about bankruptcy again.. But I don't want to do that.. It has just been one thing after another.. I am sorry for asking you to pray about this so much.. It weighs heavy on my mind.. Take care
  • My husband job back!!

    My husband has been laid off since December and has not returned to work yet! His boss has been telling him next week, next week but that doesn’t pay the bills. He is on unemployment but it’s almost nothing, compared to the bills we have. We have three children that depend on us! It’s been so hard on me lately, I just feel like all the responsibility and everything is on me. Please help me pray he will return back to work soon, so I won’t feel so stressed out with everything!
  • I am falling apart

    Maybe my goal of becoming a doctor isn't realistic, I have been trying so hard in school I think I gave myself adrenal fatigue, I need God's help and strength, I pray for every prayer request on here,..God is a great God. I pray God helps me with my life and helps me make wise choices. I also pray that God helps me praise him...