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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Heart attack

    Please pray for the family of my friend Velya who died of heart attack this morning and left 3 children and wife behind. Family need strength, healing and to start rebuilding their lives. Amen
  • healing

    Could you please pray that God would make my soul and spirit right ? That he would stand against the devil in my life.. Stand against the pain, fear, and bad dreams.. That he would save my soul.. Thank you
  • overwelmed

    Work is allowing kids to hit me and I have turned in a medical release to protect my back that I had sergury on. This getting hit continuious for five months has made my back uncomfortable. Then I had to pick up my grandpas ashes today
  • Not being perfectionist

    My coworker wants me to cover his shift because he is throwing up but I do not want to because I am physically sick too. Please pray that we will get better. That I will stop trying to please everyone. thanks and God bless you
  • Lord, i need Your promises

    Lord, I call to You today to deliver me from the loss of my love in my life. Your holy word asks us to call upon You in times of trouble and I ask You to help me. Lord, I seek Your divine intervention to heal her heart and fill it with Your word on forgiveness and reconciliation. Lord, I ask for the promises You granted me when I accepted Jesus as Lord and savior, in Jesus name I ask this of You. Please pray for me...
  • Place to live.

    Family of 6 with bad credit but my wife and I have jobs and can pay rent. Need a safe, affortable, nice place to stay in Coeur d alene or Spokane Valley before April 7 2018. We will be kicked out of our hotel due to tourist season. Thank you and God bless!
  • Marriage protection

    Please pray that Ethan would forgive everyone he’s withholding forgiveness from and that God would continue to work in his heart. Also that The Lord would protect his marriage and teach him what true, unselfish love looks like. Please pray that he would deny himself and pick up his cross daily to follow Jesus. (Luke 9:3) Thank you and God bless you for praying!
  • Friend in need

    Please help me pray for a friend. After 20 years with her boyfriend he has begun to drink and do drugs. This has opened a door for Satan to attack. She has left him and has their 16 year old son to take care of. She just discovered he and his new fling have stolen her identity and opened up credit cards and a checking acct. Please pray satan is defeated in this.
  • Help

    I can't believe it. I got a ticket from a camera. I have never had a ticket in my entire life in years of driving. I am a safe driver. I am already so tapped out financially and I can't have my insurance to go up. I kind of feel pummeled by God because he allowed it. My health is bad from all the stress. I have a condition that is worsened by stress.
  • Soft hearts

    Pls pray today my hubby's heart & spirit will sense the Lord's direction if he should get involved financially for my 36-yr old single sis in CA. Has been living with a bf & my elderly parents help alot but can't continue. Peace for me