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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Please, Pray For My Family........

    My Girlfriend and her 4 Kids were moving down here from Spokane yesterday on the way down here.... They got into a car accident at 1 a.m. this morning there in the hospital...... So I need everybody to pray for them and I don't know much right now ..... But when I find out more I will keep you posted ......

  • Brain injury

    Please pray for recovery from a brain injury.
  • Wisdom for family

    Emotional & financial stability for my 37 year old sister, who has always relied on parents, who are now unable to keep supporting her with rent, food, court fees for custody issues, etc. She is very intelligent & has a degree in psychology but is bipolar..Parents to get correct counseling for guidance, they are divorced and that complicated their communication drastically
  • relationship

    I love my best friend and he loves me too, Pray for so that God will continue to guide us and to bless our love to be much deeper, thank you for your prayer!
  • relationship

    I welcome prayer for Miraculous healing and heart opening and coming together and loving one another in a significant relationship in my life.
  • Healing/Deliverance

    I want free indeed level freedom (freedom to live by God's will, rather than self-will). I want life to the full, I want all of God's promises for my life made manifest. I want rivers of living water; & complete physical healing for myself & my aunt. (Thank you for your faithfulness, blessings!)
  • life

    My faith in God is old. I know that I should not spend my time mad at God. I am just tired of everything in life being hard. And getting the opposite of what I pray for. I have lived with severe mental illness for years. I take my meds every day. But I still have pain, and anger. I have prayed all this time that God would give me a spirit of a sound mind, not the spirit of fear. But I live with anxiety and fear all the time. I wouldn't wish it on anybody. Please pray that God would make my mind, and soul, and spirit right. Thank you
  • Hope and job

    Pls pray Rachel gets the hours she needs in her substitute position at work, as well.as an open door.to be permanent. She also needs the energy and.the godly desire to keep pursuing a job that will be flexible with her children's. The Lord.to giver her doctor wisdom.about her medical needs too
  • Deliverance from alcohol

    Lord God Almighty, I need Your divine intervention to relieve me from my alcohol use!! You have delivered me out of the bondage of meth, now l call upon Your name to do the same for my other addiction!!! In the name of Jesus Christ and His precious blood. Amen.
  • Healing

    My dad has been sick for 20 or so days we are in the hospital right now, hopefully Our Lord Jesus Christ can heal him and save him