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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Sister needs prayers & hope

    Please pray for Rachel to have the peace and strength of the Lord today and motivation to persevere through her difficulties. Ex to follow through on their agreement so she can see her 8 year old son & 3 year old daughter on Mother's Day. Her to consistently take her meds so her ex will trust her
  • My Sin...Need God's Grace and Mercy

    I made a terrible mistake. My heart is grieved over my own sin. I have repented. Please pray that God's grace and mercy will flow in its greatest measure possible over my family and me. I need Him!
  • Moving

    I am planning to move my family to Ireland. Please pray that I will find the job the lord has provided for me.
  • Healing

    Greetings blessed brothers & sisters,
    I am looking for someone who will partner their faith with mine, so we can agree together for my complete healing & total freedom. May the Lord be glorified by my miraculous deliverance. Amen. (Thank you for your faithfulness!)
  • Need God's Help,,,

    So Confused and So Scared ,,, I Moved Back To Spokane To Get The Medical Help I Need. I get set up with the doctors I need and the Cancer doctor orders a follow up CT scan to make sure the Throat Cancer is still gone. I have been getting head aches ever day. The doctor calls me on Friday Afternoon and tells me the Throat Cancer is not gone and she thinks I have Cancer at the Base of my Brain. She is trying to order a Pet Scan to make sure what is telling me is true. Now I am sitting on this information this weekend scared and all I know what to do is ask for help and ask for Prayer.

    Thank You,,
    Guy Wilks
  • Emergency

    Iam being attacked spiritually and physically by demon and the devil please intervene for me to our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Financial

    Please pray my husband finds a new job that will make enough money to pay the bills.
    Thank you
  • anxiety

    I am struggling with anxiety attacks and i'm adding supplements to my diet. pray that they will work
  • Chronic pain

    I’m a tough cookie. I try not to complain. I’ve been in near constant pain the last 7 years. I’m a young adult. I just feel very hopeless. My illness is somewhat disabling. It’s getting in the way of so much I want todo. I feel like I have no future to look forward to. That I will never amount to anything. I’m afraid. I’m very afraid that I won’t be able to work due to illness. Please pray for peace about this, and that God would grant me wisdom. I want to find hope again.
  • Needing salvation

    Please pray that Danielle receives Jesus and that he helps and protects her and her child always.