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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Wisdom for me

    Direction for the right part time job. I watch my grandson alot and need flexible hours. Maybe return to my previous job (when he goes back to school). Prayer the door is open for me
    to return if it's Lord's place for me
  • Rachel needs job

    Prayers my sister gets the job she applied for in customer servixe, needs it very badly. Housing situation to improve with our Dad, she insists on smoking where she shouldn't and also can't afford it
  • New job or grace for son

    Pls pray Josh has grace & determination to stay at his job until he can get another one that he is well suited for. Lord to lift his spirit and restore his love for Jesus
  • God Save Eric

    Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his conversion to faith in Jesus Christ...
    Pray for God’s grace for Eric.
  • Need God's guidance/need to be more responsible and hard-working

    I need God's help in many area's of my life, I need wisdom from God on a good part-time job and where to work...I need more prayer for my mental health and just all the hurt I feel. God really had blessed me, I just need God's help with all my anger and fears/worries I have...I excessively worry and I don't know how to stop, it probably is a faith thing, but I don't know how to stop, maybe it has to do with abandonment issues I have.
  • Very overwhelmed

    I need a financial breakthrough. A better rig to handle this area. I have a family member who for the most part is kind but has an anger problem. I am dealing with injuries and not enough medicine. These all seem to go on and on no matter how hard I pray.
  • Wisdom

    Pls pray we can have the wisdom we need to interact effectively with our family who don't share our Christian beliefs, an openness in their heart for
    the gospel
  • anxiety

    Been missing work lately due to anxiety. Yesterday I got drunk because sundays are the worst for my anxiety and I ended up missing work today. I want to keep my job, I want to be a hardworking and dependable person like my Mom and my Grandma. I just can't take being anxious like this anymore, it feels like I can't breathe. I can't carry this anymore.
  • Prayer for lack of faith/need God's help in lots of areas

    Need God's help for issues in my life...I haven't even been very humble the last year or 2 and need God's help for the way I am/have been. Need prayer for more faith and God's help with my temper, I worry about so many things...life is a battle.I have an attachment disorder I have never dealt with and just the way the devil tries to get at me..I need God's help in many ways.
  • mice

    This might seem kind of silly at first. But please hear me out. There was a huge mouse in my bathroom the other day. And I can't seem to trap it. I think it is a pregnant female. I used to live in the country. and once they start breeding, you can have an infestation in no time. I hate those things. They make my skin crawl. eww.. Please pray I get that sucker. No infestation please ! Thank you