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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Family stuff

    Josh, work struggles, peace and hope and a new job, if that is what's best, Lord to intervene in his behalf. Need sleep tonight, sister in psych ward, had breakdown, I am stressed
  • Work struggles

    Pls pray I can have strength & endurance at work, it can be real challenging some days at a preschool
  • Deliverance

    I’ve been oppressed by demon and devil for about 6 years or so and I hear and talk to them but I’ve tried nearly everything to be relieved from them I’ve been a Christian also know the word...I just need helping hands please
  • For daughter and decision to move

    Mom called to ask for pray for her daughter, Anna, and her son as she makes decisions about moving back to Seattle.
    Anna and son are living with parents. Dad is terminal and is on hospice at home. Please pray for healing for Dad.

  • Surrender

    I have been in a relationship for the past 8 years or so that is finally coming to an end. It is now better for this person and I to part ways and remain friends. I worry about his well being as he has health issues etc. and I have been his caretaker for all this time. I have given all this over to God and need help in surrendering to HIS plan vs my own and being patient as I wait. I feel things finally beginning to turn and I look forward to new beginnings. I just continue to pray that God's plan unfolds... and that I am able to accept the time frame (it does not quite feel fast enough for my human ways)
  • Test

    Please help me pray that I pass my state teaching test. I will be taking it tomorrow Jan 30th. "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me" Amen.

    Thank you!!
  • Safe

    My friend is a tough situation he needs God to intervene and help him.
  • A Fight for life!!!

    Homer Dennison is fighting for his life. Homer is on life support. They want to take him off life support. Please pray for Homer’s healing and restoration. Homer has End Stage copd.
    Please pray God work a miracle in Homer. Pray for his physical and spiritual healing . God Save his soul
  • Prayers For My Nephew

    My nephew Spencer had to go in the hospital yesterday. Something is wrong with his pancreas. Thank you for the prayers. *Ron*

    URGENT PRAYER for our Grandchild who LIVES with US,,,along with our DAUGHTER,,,She has some MAJOR ISSUES and MENTAL PROBLEMS as well...We ALL LOVE and HELP RAISE our Grandchild TOGETHER..Lately She’s been TALKING to OLD FRIENDS,who are a BAD INFLUENCE on HER.Now she’s PLANNING to MOVE,..EVERYONE is EXTREMELY CONCERNED and SCARED for our GRANDCHILD’S WeLL BEING.Please PRAY they BOTH STAY HERE,