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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Grandmother's passing

    Please pray for my family as we have just lost my grandmother to the Lord. We are in mourning and would like prayer for comfort and peace and that we can comfort one another as we go through the grieving of our loss. My grandma was 101 yrs old when she passes on 5/17/2019.
  • My dad

    My dad who has cancer and will be going up to Seattle cancer center for care and more testing. He has already done 2 rounds of chemo and it didn’t work unfortunately. Please pray for him to heal and to not be in so much pain.
    Thank you!
  • Daughter job possibility

    Daughter has two young sons, married, husband works days and wants her to work nights. I'd like to still keep helping to watch our grandson, as we have been doing. Prayers that our schedule won't change if daughter gets the job, needs hours that allow her to see her son, who has special needs. God to intervene as she is more concerned about accepting job than what hours they offer
  • Healing

    Healing 84, not feeling good. Hope in Jesus for eternity, peace.
  • Healing

    Dear family at PLR....
    I need prayers for healing over my body. Drs are doing lots of t estings currently but the pain is still an unknown cause. Please pray for healing , strength over me, my mind, for peace during this battle and for my faith to stay strong. We also need a miracle in our finances with all these medical bills coming in heavy..Thank you.. God is Bigger than any unknowns...
  • Strength & peace at work

    My job at a preschool to be peaceful and less hectic this week. I help in 2 classes, need alot of energy! Last few months have been very busy at home too with various family gatherings & needs with grandkids. Jesus to keep me motivated and strong in His grace & peace with many trying circumstances at same time
  • Mother's strength & wisdom

    Mom to be able to visit us this summer, schedule to work with ours, our finances to pay for it, hubby to agree if God wills it. Strength & great wisdom while she helps my sister who has many overwhelming & sad issues related to her kids, finances, emotional instability, etc. My husband needs me to be strong and not let their issues spill into our marriage,hard balance to find, but I need to
  • Grandsons

    They are 6 and 2 and have different needs.Parents concerns to be relieved in Jesus name! Learning delays, recent eye surgery,oldest very attached to us and acts out when returns home, they try,need alot of energy to keep up with them and give them the outside activity they crave
  • Protection during vacation

    Lord to grant us a safe & peaceful, God-inspired vacation this month. Direction with areas we need it, a way for all our schedules to be able.to see our adult children &grandchildren before we leave, dinner together again
  • Rachel needs work & church

    Please pray for supernatural motivation for her, Lord to flood her with desire and open doors for her in these areas again. Strength to press on in Jesus!! Mercy from her ex to see her kids, as he promised. Her to want to be emotionally stable, Jesus to deliver her from evil strongholds in her life. Peace for me, as I am concerned about her, my hubby wants prayer to be our involvement, she lives in CA