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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Daughter

    I’m having trouble with My daughter who is a young teen. She hangs out with wrong kids, skips school, drinks and smokes weed. We fight a lot which has become physical and she hits me to wear I’m bruised. She exhaust me. Please Jesus help us.
  • pets in danger

    please pray for animal helpers to to get out all cats who live in shutdiown repair plant. Doors are closed, and cats will die of hunger very soon! Urgently, thanks
  • Car problems

    I just got a loan to fix my car 2 months ago. My car tonight started sputtering on start-up in reverse and going forward for about a minute and the engine temp was cold. After a minute it started running normal. I am so upset because I still owe so much money for the other issues I just had repaired and was told my car was in good shape. I need this car for appointments, medicine and going to the grocery store. I had to move way out in the country because of the rise in housing cost. This is where God opened the door. On top of it my fridge just died which my landlord will take care of but being it's the weekend, the repair won't make it out until Monday. I am trying not to lose all my cold foods for the rest of the month. I am in tears. Been a rough month.
  • My Marriage

    My husband went to one marriage counseling session to just say he was there to support me but he was done with the marriage because he was unhappy, and he has trust issues, that are unfounded. I am shocked and devastated. My dear christian friend has referred me to a christian counselor who is a man. The one we went to was female and said she could do nothing if he just wanted out. My husband said he would go to one more person but only one more time. My friend told me he seems to be seeing everything through the lens of his past experiences. His bad relationship with his dad, his divorce with a 1st wife who cheated on him, his problems with the church, yes he does not attend with me and our son . So that is the gist of things. He thinks I take things so he does not have them its so odd, he also drinks too much and smokes marijuana, its legal here.
  • prayer

    Prayer request : Sorry, please pray for that not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.
  • Pray for my friend Marie to let go of the past

    My friend Marie, we met new years eve at church and fell in love. She is having a hard time letting go of the past. Her husband Richard passed away 4 years ago and is confused and weeping feeling guilty for loving someone else. I never thought I would love like this, she is blind and i am willing to lay my life down for her. Pray for Marie to be set free from the confusion and to be able to enjoy what we have now and the future.

    Thank you
  • Urgent Prayer Request

    Can you please please pray for me? I have to pay my storage unit by 1:00 pm CST today or I lose what little I have left. I owe $920. I am behind due to illness.
  • Worries

    I don't like asking for help as there are so many other needs. But, I know God can handle everything we ask of him. My request is to know how to let go of the worry and stress and let him be in control of my life. It is seems so simple but is so hard to do. My job is very stressful and I am not getting any younger. I have anxiety about family members health and cannot get the "what if" thoughts out of my mind. The kids are grown up and life is just going by too fast. I know these are things that we all deal with and I guess I am just tired and scared. Mid-life crisis? Anyway, God is good and regardless of how this all works out, I want to be able to let go & fully give him my life. I have been doing my own thing for far too long. It is time to step up, be a man and give him the reigns. If you feel inclined, I simply ask for support in knowing how to do that.
  • Forgiveness

    I need a tremendous amount of help to forgive my husband for making me feel I can make no decisions without his approval. Food, how much we see our adultchildren, I have always moved where he wants, etc. Having anxiety, as his diet and desires for a major move in our retirement has me stressed..I can't be honest with him or he will feel offended, I am stressed and feel alone
  • House

    I pray for my daughter. She is trying to buy a house. She has a small son. I pray she trusts Jesus to guide her. I pray she relys on Jesus thru this stressful time. I pray her eyes are open to what an amazing God we serve.