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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Stressed out

    Health issues getting worse and financial outlook not too bright. Something going on with credit. Every time things going well, things just get go crazy. I know there are no guarantees in life. Hoping God will help us through this.
  • So much

    At my breaking point. Just thinking about life makes me sick to my stomach. Seems to follow me to each new chapter in my life. Just want a safe place and some normality. I can handle ups and down but not the constant cruelty and onslaught anymore. Don't know the words to pray. I keep telling God that I can't handle this anymore.
  • Fear

    I pray for victory over my fear. I always have a feeling of dread in my stomach. It never seems to go away. Thank you.
  • darkness

    Please pray for me. I'm in a dark place right now with not much hope. I've been here before...please help me, Lord.
  • Scary Event

    Please pray for the well being of my family and I. I made a really stupid mistake that put us all in jeopardy, and I've been haunted and tormented mentally from this situation for the past month. Thank you.
  • Stressed!

    Something very stressful going on in our lives. Please send prayers our way. Thanks.
  • Moms Surgery

    Please pray for my mom she is having surgery this week and will need to be calm and rest. Pray that the surgery will be success and she will heal quickly. Thank you and god bless.
  • Prayers For My Sister In Law Martha

    She is seeing an orthopedic doctor tomorrow to find out why she is having problems walking. She had a hip replacement last year and she has been having problems. Please pray that they can fix the problem. Thank you and God Bless!!!! *Ron*
  • my dear lady friend in need

    my friends name is Kristen. she has been suffering with rejection issues from children and family members for years, and now is in a state of dispare, and losing hope, to the point of speaking ill of herself and her own demise. But since she has been my friend I have always spoke life giving words of encouragement to her, and she seems to be responding more often to those prayers that I have been sending to God. So I have been seeing more of her heart responding to God through me and my dedication to her well being, wholeness and spiritial growth, and the reconciliation to God and to her family. She is a believer, just a little off track. I love this lady with all the love of God, and I know that this Love of God, Hopes all things, believes all things and endures all things. Love never fails. And I know that love will not fail her now. Thank you all for praying.
  • Our grandson

    Requesting prayers for our grandson John who is in Sacred Heart in Spokane this afternoon. He is waiting to go into surgery at this moment to remove and biopsy a golf ball sized tumor on the right cerebellum. We are asking for prayers and guidance for the surgeons and all of the staff who will be attending to him and for a healing surgery. And for Peace for the family.