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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Unknown mass

    I found out last Wednesday that I have an unknown mass at the base of my tongue and into my vallicular. There was an MRI taken 8 months ago but that surgeon never mentioned to me anything about the mass. It wasn't until I decided to see a different pain management dr that he pointed out the mass. At the time we had health insurance that if the surgeon had told me about the mass then I could have gotten the thing looked at and taken care of. Now, 8 months later we have no insurance and symptoms of this thing is more prevalent then before and surgery will have to be performed either way to remove whatever it is. I'm asking for extra prayers that this isn't cancer and that it be something easily taken care of without surgery and extra expenses. I see the ENT This Wednesday.
  • Child

    We are in the hospital waiting room right now. My daughters boyfriend sister has a 4 year old boy. He hit his head and it cause internal bleeding in his brain. We really need the lord to help him. I am begging for prayers for the boy and the family in this time of need.
  • college

    please pray I do well in my spring college classes that start tomorrow. please pray I find a good christian friend I have been very depressed and lonely.
  • family forever

    My family needs prayers, please. My Mom died over a year ago, there are hard feelings within the family. Please pray that my nephew and my Dad rekindle their relationship and it all go smoothly. They both are stubborn, and they both are hurting. Please let them mend things before it's too late. In Jesus' name, Amen.
  • A yearlong ordeal

    Pray that this issue with this company will be settled, that they will find the missing documents that we have already submitted and get in contact with the other company. Pray that this nightmare will be over for us and they will do right by us. Lord, you are our witness to what happened. Help it to end smoothly and fairly.
  • Finding job

    Pease pray that I can keep a positive attitude while trying to find a job. It is so hard, and can be a real let down when you don't hear back from interviews.
  • Revival

    Please pray my husband will fall in love with Jesus again and make Him Lord of his life. Pray that he seeks Him and listens to Him
  • Brain surgery

    Please pray for my brother Tim, he has surgery to remove a brain tumor Friday at noon
  • allergies

    Please pray for Jerry. His allergies are so bad he has been coughing up blood. Thank you, and God bless everyone
  • strength/peace

    My friend patty gets test results today to know whether cancer has spread and will need double masectomy :(