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Mar 06, 2019 10:26
Category: Station News

Spring Fundraiser 2019, March 19-22

Did you know that your investment in Positive Life Radio changes lives? A parent sent this prayer request to us because they know they can turn to the PLR family for prayer support:

My son is 16 and just got out of addiction treatment and is working his recovery. I know it’s a battle with the enemy every day. Please pray to intercede in this spiritual battle, that God will give him strength and wisdom moment by moment to fight this and not let the enemy come to steal, kill and destroy. And please pray for healing for our family and each of us individually we all have some recovery to do.”

Another listener, Erik, who wrote: “My friend is in a tough situation. He needs God to intervene and help him.”

The reality is, these experiences are not unique. I’ve heard it repeated daily from other listeners.

Your story may not be as dramatic or desperate, but I have no doubt that God has worked in your life and on your heart through songs shared on Positive Life Radio.

That’s the end result we pray for – lives changed and strengthened. And the truth is, it takes a good amount of money to keep this ministry going forward.

Over the last two years our basic expenses have risen much faster than donations. We’ve cut the budget regularly in order to keep pace. We’re now at bare bones and we want to do so much more for our listeners - our family.

Would you help Positive Life Radio change lives? Would you help us get back on track financially?

Can you imagine what would happen if 210 members of the Positive Life Radio family pledged $40 per month? What if 100 people gave $1000 each? That would be an amazing blessing.

We are here to share Christ with others so that they can see and know Him personally. When you give, when you pray for us, you are part of that mission, a part of the family that makes it happen.

Please join us for Spring Fundraiser, March 19-22. Your financial support keeps us going strong!


Sali A. Miller
Acting Network General Manager