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Feb 01, 2017 11:08
Category: Station News

28 Ways in 28 Days 2017

February 1: Affirmation Day

• Take a moment to reflect; open yourself to God’s leading.
• Write a note of affirmation on someone’s Facebook, blog, Twitter, by phone, or in person.
• Tell them what you appreciate the most about them, or tell them what they do best.

February 2: Wait Staff/Barista

• If you’re at a restaurant/café/or fast food place today, make sure to be kind to the wait staff
• If they’re wearing a name tag, make sure to call them by name and make eye contact
• If they give good service, let them know! And tell their manager they did well, too.
• Tip well today

February 3: Teacher Appreciation

• At the end of another long week, let them know they are appreciated!
• Students can help a teacher clean up their classroom at the end of the day
• Write them a note of appreciation telling them how great they are

February 4: Parents:

• Do something special for the parents in your life, whether they are your own, or maybe your own kids are new parents.
• Invite them to a breakfast on you, or make a delicious meal for them at their home.
• Plan for a family game night, or a family hike or walk, without distractions of cell phones or internet, so you can really spend time with your folks.
• Offer to watch someone’s children so they can spend some time out of the house.
• Help with household chores to relieve tired parents.
• If you can’t call them, send them a quick text.

February 5: Food Delivery

• It’s the day of a certain football game. You know what it is.
• When you’re ordering out – be appreciative of the driver.
• Tip well.

February 6: Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle Day!

• Be earth conscious today.
• Recycle all those old magazines that have been laying around.
• Pick up the trash in your local park or a highway.
• If you’re feeling bold- plant a tree or some flowers.
• Take the scraps of things you find around your house and make something creative (think lawn art, wall art, etc).
• Go through your closet and take your clothes donations to your local mission.

February 7: Neighbors

• Pray for your neighbors and get to know them a little better.
• Ask your neighbor if they need help cleaning up their yard or wash their car.
• Take them some treats and say hi.
• Invite them over for dinner, or coffee & dessert.

February 8: Kids/Siblings

• If you have children, spend quality time with them today. Make them the focus. Do what they enjoy doing.
• If you have a sibling, take time to learn more about them. Make a lunch or dinner date and share with them. Be emotionally present for them.

February 9: Cashier/Grocer

• Pay it backward – Surprise the person behind you in the 10 Item or Less line by paying for all or a portion of their items
• Call your cashier by name. Ask him/her how their day is going
• Take that extra cart sitting in the parking lot back to the store

February 10: Customer Service

• They take a lot of heat for things that really aren’t their problem. They are there to help – treat them extra nicely today.
• It’s amazing how far an extra ‘thank you’ can go.
• Make their day!

February 11: Medical Professional - Doctors/Caregivers/Nurses
• We seem to see them most often when we are in need of help- take a moment when the situation isn’t so immediate and let them know you appreciate them.
• If you see a doctor or caregiver, thank them for their time and expertise.

February 12: Police/Fire/Rescue/Military
• Often, we overlook the people that look after us!
• Take time today to thank your local police officers, firefighters, and service men and women.
• Visit your local station to learn about how you can help your local police do a better job
• Sign up for making a homemade meal for the fire station one night a week or month
• Soldiers appreciate cards of thanks for their service and need support when they have returned from service abroad. Check with your local National Guard to see what kind of volunteer and/or donation opportunities are available for you.

February 13: Co-workers & Bosses Day
• The day to bring in donuts and coffee for everyone!
• Ask them if they need help on a project
• Run an errands for someone who might be too busy to do it
• If you’re between jobs, was there someone who took you under their wing at a prior job?

February 14: Valentine’s Day/ Spouse Awareness Day/Singles Appreciation
• Show a loved one some extra attention today. For many people, Valentine’s Day can be lonely, which makes it a great opportunity to step in and show someone they are never alone.
• Take flowers to someone to brighten their day.
• Give your spouse your undivided attention
• Make a valentine card and bring it to someone who needs a little love!

February 15: Homeless Shelter & Homelessness Awareness
(Get in touch and see what’s available for you to help out with today)
• Rather than shying away, share a smile and kind word with someone
• Give donations to a homeless shelter to help build them up as a useful resource
• Volunteer at your local shelter
• Keep a supply of gift cards from a fast food joint/restaurant to hand out to those in need
• Resource: https://www.justgive.org/donations/help-homeless.jsp

February 16: Friend
• Take a friend out for coffee or lunch
• Remind them how much they mean to you
• Do something with them that they love to do
• Help them with a project around the house
• Make a new friend!

February 17: Make Peace
• Been needing to get something off your chest? Make a point to make peace with whatever is weighing on your heart today
• Maybe it’s needing to apologize to someone you know you hurt
• Maybe it’s just taking time today to surrender to God, recommit yourself to Him
• Whatever puts your soul at ease today, know we are praying for you

February 18: Nursing Home
• Many folks in a nursing home don’t receive visitors
• Take some time to go talk to them, or listen to them. The older generations have so much to share with us.
• Call ahead and see what you can help with
• Take flowers, cookies, etc… (check with nursing staff for any dietary restrictions)

February 19: Pastor/Mentor
• Write a card or email of appreciation to your pastor or mentor
• Arrange a meal or a potluck with the rest of the church in your pastor’s honor
• Ask your mentor what you can help them with

February 20: Social Media Free Day
• Turn your phone off today, and resist the urge to turn it back on • Log out of Facebook, and engage with people face to face • Plan something fun to do with your family or friends, and don’t try to document or take photos of it- just be in the moment today! • It will all still be there tomorrow, be strong!

February 21: Social Media Positivity Day
• Now that you’re back on social media (it wasn’t that bad, was it?) be extra positive in your posts
• Affirm someone you haven’t recently
• Thank a business for providing quality service
• Like that picture of the kitten your friend keeps posting

February 22: Delivery Services/Postal delivery
• Ask them how their day is going rather than just taking your package or mail and saying goodbye. Strike up a conversation!
• Decorate your mailbox or put a surprise in there for them (small bouquet of flowers, chocolate, cookies, etc).

February 23: Missionary/Service Project Participants
• Maybe you know of someone serving in the capacity as a missionary or is on a service project. Write them a note or send them a care package.
• Let them know you’re thinking of them.

February 24: Drive Thru-Difference
• The Positive Life Radio Drive Thru Difference is back!
• An opportunity to spread a little kindness through our community
• In a nutshell, it’s simply paying for the car behind you at the drive thru.
• You can download the special note at plr.org
• A Hands & Heart project from Positive Life Radio

February 25: Humane Society
• Volunteer to walk the dogs, clean cages, or give the animals baths
• If you’re feeling bold or have been planning on it, adopt a homeless animal today.
• If you can’t adopt, consider becoming a foster parent for animals who are hoping to be adopted in the future.
• Create toys for the animals out of recyclables or extra fabric/yarn

February 26: Visit someone in the hospital
• Even if it’s just for twenty minutes
• If you can’t go, send flowers
• Call them to see how they’re doing
• Take them something from home, like a familiar blanket or favorite mug to make them feel more comfortable

February 27: You
• We’ve spent all month thinking of others, don’t forget to take some time for you!
• It’s a common saying, “you can’t take care of others if you can’t take care of yourself” and there’s some truth in that
• Today, take time (whether it’s the whole day or just an hour) to center yourself in Christ. Read your devotional in silence, or spend time in honest prayer
• Take time to give yourself a little love - whether it’s going for a walk, visiting the salon, treating yourself to a cup of coffee, or finding a quiet place to take a quick nap.
• Refresh and recharge!

February 28: Reflection
• Reflect on the ways you have reached out during this past month.
• Reflect on how they have helped to shape your days in a positive way
• Remember how you felt, and how you made others feel when you did something kind for them
• “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou