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Feb 02, 2012 08:33
Category: Station News

29 Ways in 29 Days

The Bible says that Jesus went around doing good while He was on this earth. As His followers, we can do the same. During the month of February, Positive Life Radio has been encouraging you to be the hands and heart of Jesus by taking part in our 29 Ways in 29 Days.

Each day we'll be posting a new way you can show Jesus to others in your community. It’s easy. Your kindness doesn’t have to include large amounts of money or extraordinary talents—just a few simple actions to show people you care. We'll invite you to join us in making handmade Valentine’s cards, visiting someone in the hospital, surprising your coworkers with a tasty treat, and doing someone’s chore without telling them.

Some acts of kindness, such as smiling and saying hello, are so simple we can do them year round. The impact can be profound. Saying hello is an acknowledgment of existence that affirms the worth of another person.

29 Ways in 29 Days:

February 29 - Reflect back on the month, see the growth you've experienced and don't forget to give God the credit!

February 28 -Tell your boss why you think he/she does a great job

February 27 - Give a compliment about your food service person to the restaurant manager

February 26 - Volunteer a couple of hours at the local Humane Society or offer to walk a friends dog this week

February 25 - When a drivers trying to merge into your lane, let them in with a smile and a wave

February 24 - Invite someone to church

February 23 - Be a friend to a new student or co-worker

February 22 - Give family and friends kindness coupons they can redeem for kind favors.

February 21 - Forgive someone.

February 20- Talk to a homeless/displaced person and get to know them.

February 19 - Invite a friend out to coffee - someone you haven't connected with in a while.

February 18- Write an encouraging letter to your pastor or other church leader.

February 17 - Spend some time in prayer - take 5 to 15 minutes and pray for those around you.

February 16 - Treat the office to some goodies/acknowledge their hard work.

February 15 - Return a shopping cart - maybe it's not even the one you used!

February 14 - Make a Valentine and bring it to someone who needs a little love.

February 13 - When a drivers try and merge into your lane, let them in with a wave and a smile.

February 12 - Spend a Sunday (even today) with family (parents/siblings) that you don't connect with very often.

February 11 - Make a friend at a nursing home/hospital or maybe with a shut-in from your church.

February 10 - Do someone else's chore - without asking or telling them. Make it a surprise.

February 9 - Pay it Forward - Like the Positive Life Radio Drive Thru Difference.

February 8 - Write a letter or card of encouragement to a friend.

February 7 - Volunteer to watch a friend's children so they can go on a date.

February 6 - Hold the door for someone who's rushing in, or has their hands full

February 5 - Give your child or spouse your undivided attention and say what                         you love about them.

February 4 - Pray for your neighbors and get to know them better.

February 3 - Instead of saying hi on facebook, pick up the phone and talk to                           them. No texting!

February 2 - Take a flower bouquet and/or note to brighten someones day.

February 1 - Take a moment to reflect, open yourself to God's leading.