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< Signing Up for Easy Pay
Nov 11, 2012 20:34
Category: Station News

Drive Through Difference

The Drive Through Difference is coming up this week, Thursday and Friday, October 10 and 11! The Drive Through Difference is a fun and easy way to make someone else's day with a random act of kindness.

So when you're headed through the drive-through this week for that quick lunch, that cup of coffee or that ice-cream treat, considering paying for the car behind you! To make it easy, we've put a quick note that you can print off for the employee at the window to hand to the person behind you. Just pick the right Positive Life Radio station (the city/channel you listen to) from the map here, click and then print off a few copies of the letter that you'll see.

The final step is to give us a quick call (800-355-4757) and share your experience. It's fun to leave slowly so you can see the expression on the face of the person behind you.