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Nov 13, 2015 14:19
Category: Station News

Rice for Cambodia 2015

Positive Life Radio will be hosting their annual Rice for Cambodia campaign November 18-20. During the two and half day event, listeners are encouraged to call in and purchase bags of rice that will go to feed those in need in Cambodia. On average, a bag of rice is able to feed a family of up to 6 people for an entire month. This year, each 50 pound bag of rice will cost $15.

“Rice for Cambodia is special because it impacts a large group of people in a very personal way,” says Midday Host Rebecca Hanan. “It’s amazing to think of how we take something like a cup of rice for granted, we don’t even think about it. But to someone in Cambodia, that’s a day’s meal. It means a lot to them.”

This past July, two Positive Life Radio staff members were able to travel to Cambodia with a partner organization, TransformAsia, to help distribute the rice to many remote villages around the country.

“Having the opportunity to see firsthand the people of Cambodia as they struggle to carry a heavy bag of rice – and see them laugh with joy because it is too heavy and that means food to feed their family,” says Donor Office Director Sali Miller. “That’s something that makes me rethink how I can make a small difference in this big world.”

Last year, over 193 tons of rice was bought during the two and half day event, which provided food for 7,755 families.

“I’ve been seeing the pictures, and hearing the reports from this project since the very beginning. But seeing the need with my own eyes really made me understand just how important this mission is!” says Walter Cox, Chief Engineer, who traveled on this past summer’s mission trip.