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Oct 22, 2012 16:20
Category: Station News

Rice for Cambodia 2012


For over 10 years the Positive Life Radio listening family has helped people in need in Cambodia. Through the summer mission trip literally 10's of thousands of people are fed. And it is also an honor to introduce them to Jesus Christ and feed them spiritually.

Rice for Cambodia is a Hands & Heart project. We partner with Musicanaries and TransformAsia in this wonderful and huge project. Last year just over $200,000 was pledged by over 1,000 Positive Life Radio listeners. We are ready to see what God does this year!

- $600 - Sponsors 1 ton of rice

- $300 - Sponsors 1/2 ton of rice

- $15 - 50 lb bag of rice will feed a family of 4 for one month

Thank you for your generosity - for helping so many who are in such desperate need. Thank you for being the Hands & Heart of Jesus.

Thank you as well for keeping our Rice for Cambodia mission trip in your prayers.

Our annual Rice for Cambodia Campaign is Oct. 24 and 25 and until 10am on Friday, Oct. 26.

To make your pledge of support call 800-355-4757 or pledge online here.