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Station News

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Sep 13, 2017 11:11
Category: Station News

Fall Fundraiser, Sept 19-22

Our Fall Fundraiser is coming up soon and we can really use your help.

Your monthly support helps to keep this ministry strong for people like Alan:

“I am blessed each day by Positive Life Radio…Positive Life Radio helps me get through each day by keeping my mind on Jesus, and what He is doing for me.”

We’ve all been there. Life gets tough; the kids are driving you crazy, your job has become ho-hum and your spiritual life just isn’t happening. Then as you start your day, you flip on Positive Life Radio – and there it is! Your favorite song!

There is a special feeling that comes over you; that little bit of peace; that Ahh moment. Your heart swells with love and thanks for what God has given you – those crazy kids, that ho-hum job - and you know that you’re in His hands.

Imagine it! Thousands of people every day are getting a moment of hope. They’re getting a moment of peace when life gets to be too much. They’re getting that Ahh moment. They’re hearing about the love of God! That’s what your donation to Positive Life Radio is doing.

“I love your station and before I moved here 2 years ago I wasn’t so close to God. You guys helped me. Thank you and you are doing a very good job.” - Viktoriya

Will you help us today by making a pledge of support? Whether it’s a $100 one time or $40 a month on Easy Pay, each and every dollar is helping to make a moment. Your gift will give that moment with God to someone who needs it right then.

Fall Fundraiser is September 19-22. Will you pray for the staff, guest hosts and anyone considering supporting Positive Life Radio? Thank you.

Sali A. Miller
Acting Network General Manager