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< Chris Macourek, a Positive Life Radio Listener Making a Difference
Mar 13, 2017 10:03
Category: Station News

Thank You! Your Support Is Important!

Thank you for your support during Spring Fundraiser! What a blessing you are to share God with those around us through Positive Life Radio.

A small reminder of how your donation is making a difference:

“I am sitting at work listening to your station and the song Surrender came on. It was perfect timing. The last several weeks have been just full of unexpected events – some good and some bad. I was moved and blessed to hear this song because it reminded me that I can’t handle all that life throws my way on my own. That I need to constantly surrender it to God – not just some of it but ALL of it! I always feel God speaking to me when I am listening. Your station has blessed me in so many ways. Thank you!” - - Michelle

If you weren't able to call in during Spring Fundraiser, you still can.  Click to DONATE.

Your gifts to Positive Life Radio are truly making a difference and changing lives. May God bless you today. And thank you for your faithfulness.

The staff at Positive Life Radio