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Daily Devotional

Max Lucado

Our Unchanging God

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Exodus 3:14

“When you go to the people of Israel, tell them, 'I AM send me to you.'”

Max's Message:

Do you know anyone who goes around saing, "I am"? Neither do I. When we say "I am," we always add another word. "I am happy." "I am sad." "I am strong." "I am Max." God, however, starkly states, "I AM" and adds nothing else. "You are what?" we want to ask. "I AM," he replies. God needs no descriptive word because he never changes. God is what he is. He is what he has always been. His immutability motivated the psalmist to declare, "But thou art the same" (Ps. 102:27). The writer is saying, "You are the ONE who is. You never change." Yahweh is an unchanging God. 

From Everyday Blessings by Max Lucado. Used with permission from the publisher.