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Daily Devotional

Max Lucado

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Ephesians 1:18

“May he enlighten the eyes of your mind so that you can see what hope his call holds for you.”

Max's Message:

What [does] it mean to be just like Jesus? The world has never known a heart so pure, a character so flawless. His spiritual hearing was so keen he never missed a heavenly whisper. His mercy so abundant he never missed a chance to forgive. No lie left his lips, no distraction marred his vision. He touched when others recoiled. He endured when others quit. Jesus is the ultimate model for every person.... God urges you to fix your eyes on Jesus. Heaven invites you to set the lens of your heart on the heart of the Savior and make him the object of your life. 

From Everyday Blessings by Max Lucado. Used with permission from the publisher.