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For the period between October 1, 2011 and October 1, 2012
Prepared by: Kevin Krueger, General Manager KGTS

Call Sign Facility ID Number Type of Station Location-City/State LMA

70732 FM College Place, WA No

A. The following is the list of all vacancies for full-time jobs during the reporting period.

  Job Title Date Open Date Filled
1. No full-time vacancies in this period    

B. During the reporting period, the following recruitment sources were contacted as vacancies for full-time jobs opened.

Recruitment Source Address Contact Person Telephone Number
None contacted      

C. The following is a list of the services for full-time jobs shown in Section A above and the recruitment source which provided the person hired for that position.

Job Title Recruitment Source

D. During the reporting period, there were a total of XX candidates interviewed for vacancies for full-time positions. The following is a list of the total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source shown in Section B above.

Recruitment Source Total Number of Interviewees
None None
Total XX