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Program Schedule

Real Family Life with Dennis Rainey9:40a (1:30)
Proverbs 31 Woman11:40a (1:00)
Lighten Up with Ken Davis12:40p (1:00)
My Money Life5:40p (2:00)
Focus on the Family8:00p (28:30)
Family Life Today8:30p (25:00)
Good Word (Friday Only)9:10p (13:30)
Lighten Up with Ken Davis11:40p (1:00)
Focus Family Minutevarious times during the day (1:00)
Good Word8:00a (13:30)
University Church at Worship
Except for on 104.9 KEEH, where the Spokane Adventist Church is aired in place of the University Church. For sermon copy, contact keeh@plr.org
11:00a (~25:00 varies by week)