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PLR Yard Signs

September 21 - December 17

Location: Spokane

PLR/KEEH has a brand new translator frequency which can be heard in downtown Coeur d'Alene and the surrounding area!

In honor of this exciting occasion, we are offering listeners a Positive Life Radio yard sign. If you can think of a good location where you would like to put a yard sign to share your favorite station, contact us and come visit the Spokane studio.

Yard signs are available in both the Spokane 104.9fm frequency, and also the brand new Coeur d’ Alene frequency at 103.5fm!

Free decals, window stickers and other station materials are available for pickup as well!

Give us a call or email to schedule your visit and help us promote this radio ministry – thank you!

Call KEEH at (509) 456-4870 or email keeh@plr.org