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College Avenue/Rose Street Reconstruction Project Construction Alert

November 23 - November 29

Location: College Place

This is an important construction alert for the City of College Place’s College Avenue/Rose Street (CARS) Reconstruction Project for the week of November 23rd.

Subgrade preparation, grading and additional water service installations are proceeding on Rose Street from Lambert Avenue to Carey Court.

Rock will be placed from north of “C” Street on College Avenue to Rose Street. Rock will also be placed from some distance west of Carey Court.

Concrete curb, gutter and sidewalks continue to be placed on Rose Street and College Avenue.

Fiber optic, electrical and irrigation trenching is continuing on College Avenue from “C” Street north to Rose Street and then on Rose Street heading east.

College Avenue from Whitman Drive to “B” Street on College Avenue has now reopened to through traffic.

The 4th Street intersection is also open to east-west and south-bound through traffic.

College Avenue northbound from 4th Street to Whitman Drive and from “B” Street to Rose Street remains closed to traffic as does Rose Street from College Avenue to Carey Court.

Please note that only local traffic will be allowed access in these areas as safety and construction allows.

In most cases, local traffic can access businesses by detours around the construction zone. Customers are encouraged to approach businesses using side streets and park on side streets just outside of the construction zone on College Avenue.

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