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8th Annual Kidz Club

June 19 - August 07
11:00 am - 03:00 pm
Location: Grandview

The Iglesia Del Pueblo of Grandview, summer fun and exciting Kidz Clubs from 11am to 3pm starting June 19.

The 1st section will be June 19th - 23rd at Vista Grande Park (corner of N. 5th St and Opdal – across from Lamplighter trailer park).

The 2nd will run is July 24th – 28th same time and location.

The 3rd will be on August 7th – 11th at Eastside Park (corner of Cedar Ave and 3rd St).

All events are open to children of all ages, and as always free of charge.

For more information or pick up locations contact Pastor Antonio Sánchez at (509) 778-2607 (phone or text) or email Pastor@Iglesia-Del-Pueblo.org