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Jan 28, 2016 11:34
Category: Station News

29 Ways in 29 Days

Each day during the month of February, Positive Life Radio will be highlighting someone or an organization that just might need a little extra love. The list is by no means all-encompassing. It’s a jump-off point for you to be the Hands & Heart of Jesus to those around us.

Every day: Smile and say hello to everyone you come across. Saying ‘hi!’ is more than just saying hello. You’re acknowledging that they exist, and it affirms their worth. Kind of deep for just a 2-letter word, right? It’s worth it.

Make sure to share your 29 Ways stories with us on our Facebook page! It would be great to hear from you! Or feel free to call in with your story as well, 1-800-355-4757.

Day 1: Affirmation Day
Day 2: Co-workers & Bosses Day
Day 3: Womens Appreciation
Day 4: Mens Appreciation
Day 5: Friend Day
Day 6: Self-Care Day
Day 7: Visit someone in the hospital (and Super Bowl Sunday!)
Day 8: Wait Staff
Day 9: Social Media Free Day
Day 10: Parents Appreciation
Day 11: Cashier/Grocer Day
Day 12: Making Peace Day
Day 13: Nursing Home Day
Day 14: Valentine's Day/Spouse Awareness Day/Singles Appreciation
Day 15: Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle Day
Day 16: Pastor/Mentor
Day 17: Church Day
Day 18: Neighbor Appreciation
Day 19: Thank you Day!
Day 20: Volunteer/Donate to the Humane Society
Day 21: Kids/Siblings
Day 22: Teacher Appreciation
Day 23: Delivery Services
Day 24: Police/Fire/Soldier
Day 25 & 26: Drive Thru Difference
Day 27: Homeless Shelter
Day 28: Medical Professional
Day 29: Reflection