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"Today's Day Sponsor on Positive Life Radio is the Lockman Family! They're celebrating one year - today - since the moved to the Pacific Northwest. They're so thankful to God for how He has led them on the road of life."

"Today on Positive Life Radio is sponsored by Jill and Randy Smith. Jill, Randy wanted to surprise you today with a special announcement on your 25th wedding anniversary. He says, "I love you more than life and I'm so thankful that God brought us together all those years ago. I look forward to another 25 years together."

"It's Ethan's birthday today! He's 6 years old! Ethan's parents are today's Day Sponsors on Positive Life Radio. They give thanks to God for how their youngest has grown into a wonderful young man. Happy Birthday Ethan - from your mom and dad - and from all of us at Positive Life Radio."

Becoming a Day Sponsor

Did you know that you can sponsor the cost of an entire day of broadcasting? Each year many of Positive Life Radio listeners choose to contribute at the level of a Day Sponsor.

It's easy to do. As a Day Sponsor you choose to sponsor a specific day that is special to you. Many people select an anniversary or a birthday. Others sponsor Mother's Day in honor of their mother or another holiday that is meaningful to them. After you've picked the day we work with you to prepare a short announcement which lets others know about your special event. Well play that announcement about 12 times on your selected day.