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Call of the Wild Walking Challenge

Make the trek from Alaska to the far reaches of Canada’s Yukon Territory without ever leaving Pendleton.

Pendleton Parks and Recreation, along with the Library have teamed up to present the Call of the Wild Walking Challenge. A challenge intended to keep people active during this difficult time.

Call of the Wild, set during the Klondike Gold Rush follows the 450-mile journey of Buck, a domesticated dog sold into service as a sled dog in Alaska. Participants are encouraged to log miles between April 3rd and July 25th in a race to cover the distance between Dyea Beach where Buck’s journey began and Dawson City, where it ends.

Each week we will post a leaderboard with the name and total number of miles walked by the top five participants.

There are lots of wonderful walking opportunities in our Pendleton Parks. Please check out the post in the discussion below for a list of locations and distances that will help you reach your goal.

FAQ: How do I log my miles? Visit the Facebook event page and click on the google form link in the event description, answer the required questions to ensure your miles are recorded.

Can I log my miles all at once? You can, but it will be a lot more fun if you enter them weekly so we can celebrate your successes and see who is leading the pack.

What do I win? The first person to reach Dawson City will win two things: Bragging rights and a surprise gift! We will release more information about the prize at a later date.

Are there other ways to win? Absolutely! In addition to awarding our top walker, a small prize will be given to each person who completes the following three tasks.

1. Logs 450 miles

2. Reads Call of the Wild (available as a free ebook through the library)

3. Attends the screening of Call of the Wild this summer during movies in the park. Follow the link to track your miles! Link also available in the ticket link.

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Jul 17 2020


7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Link to track miles
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