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Community Lecture: Women of War – The Hanford Girl

It’s WWII and women are going to work. In Southeastern Washington, women are recruited as secretaries for the Hanford Engineer Works.

Your employee manual provides directions for business conduct, attire, and the rules by which the Hanford Business Girl works. Remember “The prized business girl is one who can be trusted…Slacks are not office apparel…and be sure your legs are smooth and unblemished.”

From general 1940s war-time society to the Hanford Project, learn how hometown women of the war rose to the occasion, keeping their hair neat, their nails clean, and their typewriter dusted and oiled while they did their part to win the war!

A presentation by Teresa Andre Thursday, February 20, 7 PM, East Benton Historical Society Hosted by East Benton Historical Society


Feb 20 2020


7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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