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Why do we need your help?

Positive Life Radio is a listener-supported and non-commercial network of stations. The funds to bring the music you enjoy each day are provided by listener contributions and local businesses through our Business Underwriting program.

There are several ways you can support Positive Life Radio:

Easy Pay Monthly Gift

Supporting Positive Life Radio through the monthly Easy Pay Automatic Fund Transfer Program is easy, fast and is better giving. To sign up for Easy Pay, just complete the online form by choosing your station from the map above. There are no hidden charges. By joining the Easy Pay program, you help us save money and more of your donation goes directly to help this ministry.

One Time Gift

Your one time gift goes a long way to strengthen the ministry of Positive Life Radio. Thank you!

Business Underwriting

Your business can also support Positive Life Radio through Business Underwriting. Contact us for more info on how you can be a Business Underwriter.

However you give, your donation will keep Positive Life Radio going strong for your community.

Find Your Station!

Use the buttons below to find the station closest to you (or use the internet form if you listen primarily through our web player) and fill out the form to make your donation.

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