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Welcome to Positive Life Radio

We’re so glad you’re here! At PLR, we strive to provide the Inland Northwest with music and programming that is uplifting, edifying, and most of all, positive. Thank you for listening and being a part of our local community!


Find music that lifts the soul and inspires you to be your best.


Take the opportunity to pray for others and ask for prayers for yourself.


Get involved with your local community by finding opportunities here.


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These links are here to provide hope and help you through Shelter in Place.

We hope you find them helpful.


Enjoy a Living Room Concert from your favorite artists.


Find area organizations that are helping and organizations that could use your help.


Watch area churches that are streaming their services if yours isn’t.


Read and hear Inspiration from scripture, Christian authors and your favorite artists.


Discover some resources for how to make the most of Shelter In Place.

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Max Lucado Daily Devotional

  • People are prone to pecking orders. We love the high horse. They did in the first century. An impassable gulf yawned between Jews and Gentiles in the days of the early church. No Jew would have anything to do with a Gentile—they were unclean. Unless that Jew, of course, was Jesus. Suspicions of a new order began to surface ...

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Revolutionary - Josh Wilson

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