Fundraiser FAQ

Annual Fundraiser FAQ

What is a Fundraiser?

Twice each year, in March and September, we ask our listeners to financially support this ministry by calling in and make a monthly or one time gift.

Who Is The Fundraiser For?

Our fundraiser is for everyone! Every listener of Positive Life Radio is needed and invited to support the ministry and meet the goal.

Why Is Your Fundraiser Needed?

Positive Life Radio is a listener-supported non-profit radio ministry. Voluntary contributions from listeners and area businesses keep the music and programs coming – 24/7.

We’ve found that condensing our annual fundraiser into three fun-filled days is good for everyone! Listeners like all the fun and blessing and the staff of course is glad to return to regular programming as soon as possible.

What Happens When I Call During Your Fundraiser?

A Positive Life Radio phone volunteer will ask for the amount of your gift and for your contact information. Within a few days you will receive a confirmation letter and a receipt by email or regular mail.

How Much Should I Give?

Giving is a very personal thing. It might seem like a simplistic answer, but you should give what God impresses you to give. It may be a large gift of several thousand dollars or it may be a smaller gift of twenty dollars. Both are important, both are a real blessing to Positive Life Radio. The bottom line – do something, be a part of something that God is using daily to change lives.

We’re Grateful!

Your pledge of support is greatly appreciated. Times are tight for many. Financially, a lot of families are wondering how they’re going to make it. That makes your gift to Positive Life Radio that much more appreciated, and welcomed. Thank you!

You can easily make a pledge online. Just use your credit card to securely make your gift by clicking the button below:

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