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Dave Arthur

Mornings, 5am-10am

I love working with some of the nicest and happiest people on the planet! But the best part about working at Positive Life Radio is hearing the stories of how God has used the station and the music to encourage you and bring you closer to Him. God has that way of bringing that right song on at the right moment when you needed it the most. God has given me the desires of my heart that go back to when I was just seven years old. I wanted to work in radio. That dream began 30 years ago! I’m blessed to spend my mornings with you doing what I love the most!

Ceci LaBarge

Mid-Day, 10am-3pm

I am a full time Mom and have a radio career on the side. Like being a Mom, nothing is ever tied neatly with a bow and neither is my show. While I have a bent toward seeing the humor in most situations and love laughing with you, this is also a place for real people to connect. It’s time to ditch the filtered picture perfect lives we live on Instagram and cheer each other on in walking out a life of faith in the good and the hard. You are welcome here.

Brandi Lanai

Evenings, 3pm-8pm

I like working at Positive Life Radio because it’s really awesome to see the impact that it has on people. Music and the radio have a huge amount of impact on a person’s attitude and outlook and it’s really cool for me to be part of a radio station that is committed to encouraging people.

Kinsey Rene

Weekend Morning Host

Hey! My name is Kinsey and I love the Lord so much. I am a wife and a mom and love coffee probably more than I should! I am a introvert through and through, and am always excited to be cozy at home with a good book. I am grateful for the grace of God every day. He has rescued me from myself! “His love endures forever.” Psalm 118:1

Jerry Woods

Weekend Afternoon Host

I’ve worked for Positive Life Radio on and off since I was a Freshman in college. It’s been amazing to see how God has grown this ministry from a tiny radio station in Walla Walla to a ministry that reaches across most of the Northwest on the radio and everywhere else on the web. It’s kind of weird to hear from listeners who say, “I grew up listening to you.” But as a wise person said, “Treasure growing older for it is a privilege denied to many.” I love to laugh, and I love the power that radio has to bring us together to share a moment or to make a difference.

Sali Miller

Acting Network General Manager

When I first started working for Positive Life Radio in 1991, I wasn’t familiar with Contemporary Christian music. Now, it’s become such a large part of my life that I couldn’t live without it.

I am blessed by the music, by our listeners and by our staff. Each song points me to The One who loves me best, Jesus.

Thank you for being part of our family.

Walter Cox

Chief Engineer

Positive Life Radio has been a key part of my Christian walk for many years. I love the positivity and Christ-centeredness that I see every day. Also, they pay me to play with electronics and go 4-wheeling and snowmobiling to our remote transmitter sites!

Ernest Beck

Program Director

My favorite part of working at Positive Life Radio is that it’s in the Northwest. I appreciate this more and more each passing year. Even more than that, the very real impact that something as simple as a song can have on someone’s day, and beyond. Humbled to have even a small part in that.

Abby Wissink

Assistant Program Director

I love the environment here at Positive Life Radio. I know a lot of people who dread going to work, but I love that PLR has an office and staff that makes people excited to do their jobs every week. Where else will you find an office that has random Nerf gun fights? I also like how often I am reminded that even though I’m the one working at this station to bring others closer to God, interacting with listeners on a daily basis brings me closer, as well.

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