Drive Thru Difference

Drive-Thru Difference Is Here!

What is the Drive-Thru Difference?

When you’re headed through the drive-thru for that quick lunch, that cup of coffee or that ice cream treat, considering paying for the car behind you!

To make it easy, we’ve put a quick note that you can print off for the employee at the window to hand to the person behind you. Just pick the right Positive Life Radio station (the city/channel you listen to) from the list, and click and print off a few copies of the letter that you’ll see.

The final step is to give us a quick call 1-800-355-4757 and share your experience. It’s fun to leave slowly so you can see the expression on the face of the person behind you.

Drive Thru Difference Stories

We got so many amazing stories of how the Drive Through Difference has changed peoples lives! We collected some of the best calls as well as some great emails.

I want to tell you about my experience with the Drive Through Difference, (I can’t call I am at work) I live in Yakima, I was at the McDonalds on Summitview and 56. I had my letter ready for the cashier to pay for the person behind me, and the cashier says to me do you know the lady in front of you, I responded No, she said she just paid for your meal and handed me a letter, It was the same letter I was going to use to pay for the person behind me I just started to laugh and well paid for the person behind me it was a domino affect, I explained to her about the radio station, maybe she too will listen in. It was an amazing feeling knowing that other people feel the same way as me. You guys are the best.

From Unknown

Ok, as I was listening this morning I heard the challenge to pay for someone’s food in a drive thru. I was going to buy coffee at Starbucks and felt the Lord say to me to buy the person’s coffee that was in front of me.

So, when I got to the ordering place I told them that I was going to pay for the coffee for the person in the white truck and they said ok. As I pulled up behind him I noticed that it seemed to be taking some time for him to get his stuff and then he pulled away. When I drove up to the window the guy in the window said, “You will not believe this but that man forgot his wallet and when we told him was already paid for all he could say was WOW this is what I call Divine Providence”. I was so blessed. The people at Starbucks we just taken back how this worked out and all I could say to them was “God is Good”! The guy in the window stated, “You are so right, He is Good!”

It made my day that God is so in tune with us that he knows how to meet all of our needs and also our wants. I was more blessed that the man who received the gift.

From Bonnie

The Drive Through Difference was amazing! Because it was spontaneous it was even more of a blessing to give! My husband & I planned to buy somebody’s dinner at a McDonalds in Newport, WA on Monday. I kind of had to talk him into it at first but he was really on-board. We got in line at the drive-thru & had to kind of wait around because nobody was coming in behind us. My heart was absolutely sinking. Finally a lady came & we hurried to the window to pay our order. When we let the cashier know that we were going to pay for the car behind us she wanted to know if we knew them. We said “no, we just want to do something nice”. She was blown away & said, “Thank you so much for doing that! That’s SO neat! Wow!” And it wasn’t even her dinner we were paying for. Anyway, we paid for the other person’s order, & left as soon as we could so the cashier could give the note to the lady without her seeing us. I have to tell you I still get a lump in my throat thinking about how special it felt. My husband & I both felt so encouraged & blessed & we plan to do it again every payday, along with the note. Thanks so much!

From Terri

Last week I was at the drive through at McDonald’s to pick up a breakfast sandwich and heard you talking about the “Drive Through Difference” so i decided to pay for the van behind me. The gal at the window was blown away! I told her I wanted to pay for the car behind me and she said, oh, do you know them to which I replied, no. She said oh!, why would you do that? I told her I heard about doing it on the radio and wanted to give it a try. She was almost speechless! I got so much joy out of her reaction! As a secondary story to that, I own a restaurant in Spokane and had to pop into work to interview someone this weekend and when I was leaving the server said to me, did you see that? the guy in the window just bought lunch for the two people at table 3. He asked if the couple comes in the restaurant very often and I replied I had never seen them before and he said, well I’d like to pick up their tab. Now, we have another server and the cook listening in, and I was able to share there was a radio station promoting the Drive Through Difference and that I had done it last week and how much fun it was to see the McDonald employee’s reaction. It was a real witnessing opportunity for my employees! they asked about what station it was and wanted to listen in. I was really blessed to be on two different sides of the Drive Through Difference.

From Unknown

I was loading your website today on my computer at work when I noticed the upcoming event to pay for the person behind you at the drive thru. At the time I just sort of thought “Oh that’s nice”, then my day at work has been sort of slow and I was feeling blah when I left for lunch. On my way back to work I stopped at Starbucks for an ice tea and remembered the drive thru event on the computer, I decided to purchase the drink for the person behind me, it brightened my mood. Oh how blessed life is when we do an unselfish random act of kindness for a stranger. I hope everyone who visits your website gives it a try.

From Jennifer

I did the drive though difference the other day at McDonalds in Coeur d’Alene. I didn’t want to be acknowledged in anyway, I just wanted to do it and slip away. So I didn’t leave the note with the cashier. And the car in front of me was slow to get their order. The car behind me pulled up to the window to pay, and was told their lunch was paid already. She got out of the car and came up to my car. I rolled down the window and she asked me if I had paid for their lunch. I say “yes, I did”. And she said “why would you do that?”. So I handed her the note I had printed off this web site and told her it was something you guys were doing. She said “bless you! Hope someone blesses you today”. As she started walking away it dawned on me that someone just had, so I quickly said “you just did!”. It was a great experience. I think it should continue!

From Unknown

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