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  • Please pray

    Please pray that the Lord would reconcile my relationship with the most important person in my life and that He quickly would provide for the Desire of my heart.

  • my walk

    I wanted to ask prayer for myself. I thought when I accepted Christ, it meant my life would be easier. But that is not the case. It seems like everything has went wrong since then. And it has been over 20 years. I feel so tired and overwhelmed most the time. Sometimes I wonder if I will have the strength to keep going. Mostly I need a financial blessing. But I really need to be set free of all this oppression. I thank those who pray. God bless everyone

  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness

    Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Positive Life!Please say a prayer for me being homeless at 73 is too hard I need GODS help for some clean clothes and to get to the laundry I hate being dirty like this!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 8/22/19

  • For All The Firefighters

    I am one of the firefighters

  • Healing for my bonus daughter

    Denise is 48 and is having open heart surgery on Aug 27 , 3 bypasses. Doctors don't know if her heart is heathy enough for the bypasses to take. Please pray for her and her family. Thank-you

  • Prayers for brother

    Jonathon called today and asked for prayers for his brother, Don. Don is in the hospital for a possible heart attack.

  • Need prayer for loneliness

    I would like prayer that God would bring more people into my life and that God would help me with my mental health...I feel broken and just hurt.

  • Leg Problems

    Please pray that God will heal my left leg and my foot It goes numb when I stand on it. Now it is not even waking up when I lay down.

  • anxiety

    I have had anxiety for a long time now. Lately it has been really bad. Please pray that God would deliver me. Thank you

  • Help

    I’m being attacked mentally physically and spiritually by demon I can hear and talk with them without want, iam a devoted Christian and pray. I need Our Lord Jesus Christ to please hear me and help

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