Husband has anger

Husband has anger

Husband has anger problem: emotionally & verbally abused me our whole marriage. He moved out 2 months ago to undisclosed location & is divorcing me. I have prayed big prayers & lots of prayers for him for years – he needs a Saul/Paul incident, miraculous soul transformation to remove scales quickly. It’s real bad.

My daughter learned his behavior issues & has for last year, out of all our stress & frustrations, & she now emotionally & verbally abuses me almost daily.

I have been very sick for last 4 years & cannot go anywhere or into any buildings besides home. Not able to find any healing, very isolated. My daughter is also very sick – 7 surgeries & still struggling.

Very hard holiday season. Husband gone telling me I’m worthless & hopeless & he is serving me papers. Daughter & I only with her putting me down & yelling constantly. My mother (only Christian in birth family) hung up on me night husband left & has rejected & put me & my daughter down consistently ever since & wants nothing to do with us.

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