Very Sick and Very Hopeless

Very Sick and Very Hopeless

Please pray for my 25 year old son. He has had so many medical issues since he was 7 years old. We were told he would never make it to 20 and here we are. However he is in an extreme amount of pain and discomfort daily with no hope for improvement per all specialists we have seen. His everyday pain level is a 6 and most days are even worse. There is nothing that helps and after many pain specialists and other specialists there is no hope for any change to that. As his mother I cannot even imagine how that makes him feel. He lives with me as he is not able to live on his own and to watch and see this daily is completely heartbreaking for me.

I am praying for a miracle and that he could be pain free. I would take this for him if that were possible so he could for once in his life live a normal life for a young man. I just want him to feel good.

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